More about Owin Studio  Commercial Service

Owin Media is one of the fast-growing UK-based media companies that has close connection to Chinese market. It has a mix of talent and technology expertise, and aims to become a leading force in international media industry. Owin Studio's mission is to create television and film that constantly breaks boundaries through innovative and original production, while building strong and sustainable relationships with clients especially between China and the West. Owin studio provides a full range of products and services, including:

 Commercial Video Shooting/ Photography Service

 Public Relation Management

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More about Owin Studio – Wedding Services_ Photography & Videography &makeup hairstyle

Including Chinese, Vietnamese and Asian Wedding Photography throughout the UK

Owin Wedding is one of London's largest one-stop wedding organising companies. We are unique and proud of our work. Owin provides a full range of products and services, including:

 Pre-wedding photo shoot

 Post-wedding photo shoot

 Wedding decoration, flower arrangement

 Brides and grooms dresses for sale and rent

 Wedding day make up and hair styling

 Wedding day photographer

 Wedding day video recording

 Video production and photo retouching

Over the years Owin Studio has built an enviable reputation for producing fantastic photos, and has delivered excellent wedding day service for couples in Greater London area. We have worked tirelessly to be able to offer couples the best wedding experience as we possible can.

We treat out clients as our friends and families. And we do our best to ensure not only that you will get the best photos and a beautiful wedding, but that you are treated as our most important client, because you are!